Our Finances

2015 Financial Highlights

  • As YCAB Social Enterprise, the group has grown in assets and revenues between 2014 and 2015; Respectively IDR 97.68Bn to IDR 121.70Bn in Assets and IDR 71.2Bn to IDR 92.67Bn in revenues.
  • YCAB Foundation invested IDR 31.14Bn in program, 71% increase from IDR 13.73Bn (audited) in 2014.
  • Partnership increased 61% from IDR 8.7Bn in 2014 to IDR 14.06Bn in 2015. (Note: “partnership” here means a project designated fund which accounted as restricted income for YCAB)
  • The unrestricted income (non-project designated) also grew 18% from IDR 12.12Bn to IDR 14.29Bn.
  • The restricted income (project designated) also grew 83% from IDR 8.75Bn to IDR 15.96Bn.

Since 2009, 100% of public donation has gone directly to support programs. And this is made possible because YCAB’s business units, including the cooperatives that runs the for-benefit or conditional-micro finance, have helped YCAB Foundation by sharing services and resources.  So that for every dollar raised will go directly to the people in need.

The support from YCAB’s business units and the cooperatives has allowed YCAB Foundation to maintain an agenda-free programmes or a donor-driven situation. And to ensure the programmes to be financially sustainable, the main source of funding for YCAB Foundation comes from a variety of sources as the following:

  • Partnerships with corporate sponsors, individual donors, social investors
  • Direct investment to our social investment program which gives near-market return and  payback in five years
  • Internal sources:  from YCAB’s affiliates or business units and founding members
  • Grants: from endowed nonprofits and/or international development agencies
  • Fund raising: is based on thematic crowdfunding campaign that has been set on several reputable online crowdfunding sites.
  • Intermediary investors: social venture capital funds, community-development focused financial institution, venture philanthropists, social enterprise and non-profit loan funds, International SME development funds, and socially responsible mutual funds or SRI (socially responsible investors).

YCAB Foundation’s international arm, YCAB International Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, giving tax deduction facility to U.S tax payer.