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YCAB Foundation | Our Vision & Mission - YCAB Foundation
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Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To love and enable youth through hope and opportunity

Our Mission

To enable youths through holistic youth development programs where education and access to finances converge to enable sustainable independence

To implement an inclusive and innovative approach that brings clear results and measurable impact

To inspire and enable other like-minded organizations by fostering public–private partnership


Our 2020 Goal

To bring YCAB programs to five million youth in ten countries

To raise US$ 50 Mn in social investment fund


Our Core Values

These values serve as guidelines for our code of conduct and behavior as we strive towards our vision.

integrity I – Integrity

We emphasize integrity in every aspect of our work. Integrity is where core values and action meet consistently, resulting in confidence and trust from our partners and sponsors. We keep our integrity by fulfilling our commitment to deliver quality programs and to be financially transparent. We know that integrity comes before sustainability.

resilience RResilient

We always give our best and put our full effort to achieve our goals. We strive to find solutions for every obstacle that comes our way. We embrace every challenge at hand as it gives us opportunity to learn and to exercise creative problem solving.

excellence E – Excellence

We set a high standard for every project that we embark on simply because we won’t accept anything less. We take full ownership of all of our work, however big or small, we know each of us contributes something meaningful that leads to the betterment of the world we all live in. Our satisfaction results only when we have achieved our objective and we will not stop until we get there. We celebrate every success (even failure) with gladness and thanksgiving as long as we know we have given our best.

adaptive A – Adaptivity

Our focus is always on the people we are impacting and not solely on the programs. Our program is individually tailored to meet the needs of the target group. We are more than willing to adjust our method and strategy to bring result and lasting impact to our beneficiaries.

passion P – Passionate

We are passionate about our work and we want to stay faithful to our cause as this is part of building our legacy. We understand the importance to integrate our faith, life and work into a united collective mission. We care deeply about giving our best, delivering the best possible job, by keeping up with all the development in the field and expanding our perspective and respective skills as well as talents to be not only good, but great at what we do.