19 Oct Foreign Senior Diplomats’ Visitation to Rumah Belajar Manggarai

On Thursday, October 13th 2016, about 30 senior diplomats from Indonesia and partner countries visited Rumah Belajar Manggarai to learn and witness the work of nonprofit in Indonesia. During this opportunity, they also delivered heart-felt encouragement and support to students at Rumah Belajar to dream big and giving their all to achieve it.

“When you have determination and ambition, you will be able to go far,” said Aung Kyaw Moe, a diplomat from Myanmar


This visit is part of a Senior Diplomatic Course (Sesparlu) hold by the Indonesian Minister of Foreign Affair. About 30 senior diplomats from 10 countries participated in the event. The participating countries are Myanmar, Fiji, Cambodia, North Korea, Papua New Guinea, Salomon Island, Vanuatu, Azerbaijan, and Indonesia.

Besides visiting Rumah Belajar, they also engaged with our cooperative client in their houses. They learned how microfinance can help their kids’ education and how YCAB uses mission-driven microfinance as a means to give underprivileged youth an education.

To learn more about this event, please check our social media: @ycabfoundation.

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