13 Oct Launching of Rumah Jahit BFI, Preparing Youth with Vocational Skill

Through partnership BFI Finance Indonesia, Rumah Jahit now has a new face. On Friday, September 23rd 2016, some volunteers from BFI went hands-on to paint and do a makeover on Rumah Jahit. In addition, they created bulletin board together with students of Rumah Belajar.

BFI Finance Indonesia also showed their support by giving a donation for Rumah Jahit. The money will be used to support operational cost of Rumah Jahit for one year, like purchase of teaching material, sewing material and many more.


“We believe in the importance of vocational and skill. If they can’t have jobs after graduating, what good does it do?” said Veronica Colondam, CEO and Founder YCAB Foundation.

During this opportunity, the launching of Rumah Jahit was attended by President Director and CEO BFI Finance Francis Lay Sioe Ho, BFI Head of Corporate Secretary Budi Darwan Munthe, BFI Area Manager Andrew Christian and BFI CSR Unit Head Francisca Susilawati.

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