19 Oct Rumah Batik Received Warm Interest at Indonesia Philanthropy Festival 2016

Bringing his handmade batik from Pekalongan, Purwanto, trainer in Rumah Batik TBIG (Tower Bersama Group), got a chance of his lifetime to present Batik to Minister of Social Affair, Khofifah Parawansa at Indonesia Philanthropy Festival 2016 last Saturday, October 8th 2016.


Indonesia Philanthropy Festival is a biennial event with objective to gather all philanthropy stakeholders and players to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by United Nation. During this three days festival, Rumah Batik displayed its collection and introduced batik art to attendees at the festival. Beside Rumah Batik, Rumah Jahit also showcased their handmade products: pouch, tote bag and wallet.

Not only that, Andy Noya from Kick Andy Show also approached YCAB’s booth and showed high interest in our Batik collection. Agung, student at Rumah Batik, even got the chance to teach Andy Noya how to do batik art and design.


During this festival, our CEO and Founder, Veronica Colondam, also got the privilege to speak at one of the breakout sessions about Venture Philanthropy together with Mariko Yoshibara, Founder of ANGIN (Angel Investment Network Indonesia) and Aloysius Suration from Oxfam Indonesia.

“One of the basic principles of Venture Philanthropy is when our business projection increase, our impact and social mission increased proportionately,” said Veronica.

Interested to know more about Venture Philantrophy? Go to www.usahasosial.com to learn more and to register your social business.

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