23 Nov ShopBack and YCAB Foundation Launch #BerbagiKebaikanCashback Movement

Jakarta, November 9th 2016 – Welcoming ‘Online Revolution Day’ on November 11th, YCAB Foundation along with ShopBack, officially launched the #BerbagiKebaikanCashback movement- an online shopping revolution in SouthEast Asia. Through this movement, ShopBack aims to invite their users to take part and collaborate in sharing kindness to the students of Rumah Belajar YCAB.

shopback1 Image 1: A handover symbolizing the newly formed union between ShopBack and YCAB Foundation. #BerbagiKebaikanCashback is a program to facilitate e-commerce users who would like to donate to a greater cause.

“We are committed to delivering a solution that will help our users shop online more carefully and sparingly through the cashback. This time, ShopBack wanted to bring about an online shopping revolution by providing an added value: something that is not only useful for the users, but also beneficial for the environment, “said Indra Yonathan, the Country Manager and Co-Founder of ShopBack Indonesia.

Aid in the form of education funds will be collected from the collaboration between ShopBack and their users. This occurs when the users sends a link and invites a non-user to join the #BerbagiKebaikanCashback movement. If a non-user joins #BergaiKebaikanCashback during the period of November 11th– December 3rd 2016, a subsidized fund of Rp. 5.000 will be given by Shopback to YCAB Foundation. A survey consisting of 5000 Indonesian-based ShopBack users aged 18 to 50 state that 70% of participants have the interest and intention to participate in the social movement initiatied by Shopback. Interest in social movements are seen higher among adolescents aged 18-25 years, indicating that teenage users have a higher social consciousness than adult users. In terms of gender, females have a slightly higher interest than male users. 80% claim to really want to help the needy and/or the orphaned students who need costs for tuition, books, uniforms, and other learning purposes. This is the underlying cooperation between ShopBack and YCAB Foundation.



Figure 1: Now, sharing goodness can be done in an even simpler way: via online shopping!

“ShopBack is happy to share CashBack because we are happy to share goodness with the users. We call this ‘Goodness Cashback’. The essence of this social movement is to start a kindness chain. We would like to invite the users to be able to continue the chain of kindness to non-users, as well as pass on the goodness to students of YCAB’s Rumah Belajar, “said Annisa M Azwan, Head of Communications ShopBack Indonesia. As a startup with a strong human spirit, Shopback believes that sharing kindness can be done by anyone and in any form. Giving Cashback is one way of sharing kindness with its customers.”



Image 2 : Benny Hermanto, the Director of YCAB Foundation’s Hope Pillar describes the program to the medias at the #BerbagiKebaikanShopBack launching event

We appreciate the social movement initiated by ShopBack, a startup that has been able to show concern for the education of underprivileged youth in Indonesia. Through the kindness of Cashback, ShopBack has done their part in spreading goodness (Extension of Goodness),” said Benny Herman, Director of Hands-on Operation for Entrepreneurship / Employment (HoPE) YCAB Foundation

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