On April 22nd, 2017; Farhan will make his way to accomplish his personal physical challenge. It’s not an easy things for a 47 years old man. He wants to inspire others and raising fund to give better education access and help people in needs. He believes that everyone should have an equal opportunity.

About Sungai Liat Triathlon 2017

Sungai Liat triathlon is a multiple stage competition involving the completion of three continuous and sequential endurance disciplines. While many variations of the sport exist, triathlon, in its most popular form, involves swimming, cycling, and running in immediate succession over various distances. This triathlon took place in Sungai Liat, Bangka Island Indonesia. Website : http://www.sungailiattriathlon.com/index.html

Why triathlon?

What Farhan likes about triathlon is the process. Because it involves three sports, namely swimming, running, and bike; which requires a willingness and persistence in going through the process. For a newbie like Farhan, it is very difficult to finish 750 meter open-water swimming, 27 KM biking and 5 KM running. That’s all need process, before the results are felt.

Donation will goes to:

The mother struggle to turn wheel of family’s income and other basic necessities to sustain the family economy, through difficult stages until it could finally provide results for the survival of the family and the education of their children. Farhan would like to collect funds to provide scholarships for Children of mothers participants of YCAB Cooperative in Bandung

Gena, an alumni of Rumah Belajar YCAB Duri Kepa, Jakarta had an accident in November 2015, falling from the building and struck the 15-meter steel. As a result of this accident, Gena must follow operation to prevent decay and bone loss that can lead to amputation. Gena is currently being treated at his home in Boyolali. Donations will also be channeled to help Gena's operating costs.