Our Role

Ever since YCAB Foundation was established in 1999 in Jakarta, Indonesia, YCAB has committed to focus on youth development by giving them hope and opportunity. We believe in enabling youths to be independent as one of the keys to break the poverty cycle. We invest in our youths in three different sectors: health, education, and economic empowerment.

For this reason, YCAB Foundation has three pillars: Healthy Lifestyle Promotion or HeLP, House of Learning and Development or HoLD, and Hands-on Operation for Entrepreneurship/Economic or HOpE. Through these programs, YCAB is able to reach out and empower youths by addressing risky behaviors, establishing learning centres, and providing microloans to low-incomed women entrepreneurs.

Our Indonesian team works closely with local schools, organizations, communities, and the government. Comprised of local Indonesians, our team speaks the language and understands the issues at hand.

Our Impact

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YCAB Indonesia Operation Summary

Established 1999
Country Director Dr. Iskandar Irwan (“Andie”) Hukom
Number of Employees 109 on pay roll: 33 program officers, 48 teachers and school admin, 28 back office staff. Volunteers: more than 3000 annually
Office Location(s) Jakarta (HQ), Manado (Branch) and 13 Satellites run in collaboration with NGO partners.
National Presence 33 provincial and municipalities cities
Key Partners Department of Social Welfare, Department of National Education, Department of Health, National Narcotics Agency (BNN), United Nations Office of Drugs and Crimes (UNODC), International Labour Organization (ILO) and longterm corporate partners: Unilever, Chevron, Microsoft, Samsung and Indonesian companies such as Multistrada Tbk., Media Group and many others including Binus University for education excellence.