22 Feb Agung Jaya Gold and Jewellery Held an Auction To Support Education

Agung Jaya Gold and Jewellery  (Agung Jaya) in order to support Indonesia’s education by holding auctions to raise funds. Together with YCAB Foundation, Agung Jaya has succeeded in executing 2 fundraisers in the year 2017.

On May 27 to June 18 of 2017, Agung Jaya held their first fundraiser. From this fundraiser, Agung Jaya Gold and Jewellery donated 2% of their sales to support YCAB Foundation’s Rumah Belajar Program. After the success of their first program, Agung Jaya is once again showing us their care and support towards education. Sales from the jewellery auction will be donated to YCAB Foundation’s education program.

The auction was held on Sunday, December 17, 2017, which was in commemaration of Agung Jaya’s 12th Anniversary. On this day, several of YCAB’s student representatives were given the opportunity to show their talent through traditional dancing. This opportunity was given in hopes that it will increase the level of confidence and will of the students at Rumah Belajar to pursue their dreams.

Khou Mui Na and Khou Budiarta, as the owners of Agung Jaya Gold and Jewellery, said that doing this for the students at Rumah Belajar reminded them that success will be much more meaningful when it is shared with others. All the winners in the auction also hope for the students at Rumah Belajar to receive better education, as well as, strive more in order for them to be able to reach their dreams and goals.

For YCABers who want further information on YCAB Foundation’s current activities, follow us on our social media: @ycabfoundation. Let’s be an #ExtensionOfGoodness!

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