20 Oct Through Fashion Show, Sebastian Gunawan Raising Funds for Education

Sebastian Gunawan, his name is already well known by our national and international fashion enthusiast, is one of the famous Indonesian fashion designers and also known as Asian Couturier Extraordinaire by the Asian Couture Federation.

On Tuesday, 10th October 2017 Sebastian Gunawan held a fashion show at the Grand Ballroom Ritz-Carlton Pacific Place, Jakarta with the Whisper / Roar theme as a form of celebration in the 25-year journey of his work  together with his wife, Christina Panarese, which is summarized into 81 intact fashion designs.

Through his works, Sebastian, also known as Seba, has inspired the actors and connoisseurs of the fashion industry throughout this country by not only enjoying the results of his work, but also to support the education of underprivileged young generation in Indonesia.

Since 2005, Seba has consistently supported  educational program of YCAB Foundation through 12 years of collaboration and has successfully collected donations worth more than 3 billion Rupiah. the results are used to support the educational program through YCAB’s Rumah Belajars.

This activity can be an example for the community to become #ExtensionofGooness. Many ways can be done to support the education by anyone and through various field.

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