20 Sep Veronica Colondam, was recognized as one of nine Solution Makers in the annual United Nations Solutions-Summit

Veronica Colondam (Founder/CEO YCAB Foundation), was recognized as one of nine Solution Makers in the annual United Nations Solutions-Summit at United Nation’s Headquarters, that takes place between 19th -21st September 2017. Solution Makers from the UN Solutions Summit are selected global innovators who are already developing exceptional solutions that will overcome some of the world’s greatest social issues.

This year’s United Nations Solutions Summit focuses on three main themes, which are (1) Renewable Energy (2) Education and Economic Empowerment, and (3) Health. These “lighting talks” will also be broadcast live to an international audience through various channels of social media. Veronica Colondam shared the story of her journey of pioneering and leading YCAB’s Premise for Change – a solution that aims to create a sustainable cycle that links microfinance to education attainment in the hopes of lifting people out of poverty. The returns from microfinance are reinvested to fund YCAB’s other initiatives that enable underprivileged youths and school dropouts access to education.

Veronica Colondam stated, “YCAB’s microfinance is a means to an end and the end is education for all.”

As a thriving social entrepreneur, Veronica has the ambition to expand the opportunities of the underprivileged youth and enrich their lives through YCAB. By 2020, YCAB hopes to reach 5 million youth.

Veronica’s participation in the UN Solutions Summit is a source of inspiration for others and to increase the awareness and importance of economic empowerment and education for those in poverty. Besides, she hopes that Indonesia can catalyze the birth of many new social enterprises especially by woman and young people, that aim to transform and better the lives of the poor.

Click here to watch her session

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