23 Oct Facebook and YCAB Foundation kick off the third year of Think Before You Share program in Indonesia with additional modules to reach teachers and parents

Jakarta, 22 October 2018 – Facebook and YCAB Foundation kicked off the third year of Think Before You Share program today. This year, Facebook and YCAB Foundation are expanding its modules to reach teachers and parents to create all around supportive ecosystem for students at school and at home.

Ruben Hattari, Public Policy Lead, Facebook – Indonesia said: “With the additional modules, we hope to sustain the impact of our program in every school visit, while also supporting teachers and parents to be role models for the younger generation in using social media responsibly”.

The modules for teachers and parents will include materials on creating the supportive ecosystem through Think Before You Share, digital native/teenagers’ behavior on social media and its implications, as well as assistance models for teachers to strengthen students’ critical thinking and empathy skills, also value-based parenting models to assist teenagers in using social media.

“We are excited not only to continue but also to expand Think Before You Share program to more cities and audience groups. This year, we are expanding our reach to 150 schools in seven provinces across Indonesia and targeting to train 21,000 students, teachers and parents. To complement, we will concurrently run positive online campaigns through Do Something Indonesia to engage more youths in this movement,” said M. Farhan, Secretary General of YCAB Foundation.

This year, Think Before You Share program will visit seven provinces including North Sumatra, Banten, DKI Jakarta, West Java, East Java, East Nusa Tenggara, and South Sulawesi. These provinces were selected based on YCAB Foundation’s priority provinces considering human development index and students’ performance at school.

In addition to adding modules for teachers and parents, the Think Before You Share program will also visit different types of high schools, including public and private schools, vocational schools and madrasas. “We want to create digital literacy ambassadors in all types of educational institutions and we are honored to have the Ministry of Religious Affairs and the Ministry of Education and Culture supporting our program this year,” Ruben concluded.

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About Think Before You Share program

Facebook, YCAB Foundation and Do Something Indonesia first introduced the Think Before You Share program in 2016. The program focuses on improving digital literacy to build informed and meaningful communities. On the first year of the program, we’ve engaged 1,400 youths through FGD in 7 cities to encourage conversations and provide resources to help teens stay safe online. While on the second year, we trained more than 11,000 students through our roadshows in 100 schools in Jakarta.

About Facebook in Indonesia

Facebook aims to give people the power to build communities and bring the world closer together. Indonesia’s Facebook community is vibrant and active with 115 million people. As it continues to grow, Facebook wants to empower its users to continue to build a safe and authentic community.

About YCAB Foundation

YCAB Foundation is the founding and flagship organization in YCAB Social Enterprise Group, established in 1999. YCAB believes in the power of education to improve welfare. To date, YCAB has brought impact to more than 3.3 million youths through education and economic access, while bringing greater financial access to more than a hundred thousand low income families.

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