30 Jan To Prevent Drugs Abuse, “Generation Without Drugs” Program Launched in Samarinda


Samarinda, January 25th 2016 – Data from National Narcotic Board in 2014 show that drugs users amongst school and college students reached 22%. In East Borneo, in 2010, the number of drug users was at 1.95% or about 45.366 individual. It went up in 2015 to 3.1%, translating to about 3.1% out of all East Borneo population, or 77.884 individual. That number brings East Borneo to rank 3rd as the heaviest narcotics and banned in Indonesia, after DKI Jakarta and Riau (2015 data)

Samarinda ranks 1st for number of narcotic and banned drugs users with 60%, follows by Balikpapan with 20% and then other areas in the same province. According to data from BNNK, number of drug users in Samarinda is 1.99% out of the total population, or about 15,000 people.

Looking at this condition, YCAB Foundation partnering with PT Surya Jalur Anugerah (SJA) and PT. Pelayaran Kartika Samudra Adijaya (KSA) together with district government of Samarinda, Education minister of Samarinda, KPAI (Indonesian Commission of Child Protection) and Badan Narkotika Nasional (National Narcotics Board), and BNNK Samarinda launched “Generation without Drugs” program. This program is launched as a movement to prevent drugs abuse which usually target youth in secondary and high school.

“As a company that started out in East Borneo, SJA as well as KSA realize the importance of our youth future especially those in Samarinda and surrounding areas. Realizing East Borneo province as the highest drug users after DKI Jakarta, SJA and KSA together decided to participate in a program that is entrusted to YCAB, to prevent drugs usage amongst youth,” said Surya Hadi, Director of Surya Jalur Anugerah.

The launching was conducted at mayor of Samarinda government house and attended by 100 representative from beneficiaries. This program will run from November 2016 to October 2017.


“Since being established in 1999, YCAB has campaigned for youth to stay away from drugs abuse. This becomes our responsibility together to protect youth from that risky behavior. Generation without Drugs program will reach 100 secondary and high school in Samarinda through Training of Trainers method, closed Firza Imam Putra, Chief Operating Officer YCAB.

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