22 May YouthSpark 2016/2017: Preparing the Students of Yogyakarta to Accomplish Jogja Cyber Province

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Following the event’s success in Yogyakarta, Microsoft YouthSpark was back in 2016. Through series of events, Microsoft YouthSpark 2016/2017 focus to supporting ‘Jogja Cyber Province’. The event comprised of 2 YouthSpark programs, the YouthSpark Computer Science and the YouthSpark Work Readiness. The development of ‘Jogja Cyber Province’ has one focus and that is to prepare human resources of Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta (DIY) through the utilization of technology in creating a better future.

Photo : The winners of YouthSpark 2016/2017

Through educational approach, YouthSpark empowers youth with digital abilities that are required in various facets of life. The series of programs and activities of YouthSpark 2016/2017 are as follows:

  • ICT-Based Work Readiness Training Program. Approximately 2000 youths joined;
  • Computer Science Training in creating locally relevant digital application. Approximately 250 youth joined;
  • ICT Training and Technology Implementation In 21st Century Learning Concept. 150 teachers joined;
  • Developing and using E-Rapport application (Digital solution to optimize students’ rapport) in more than 50 schools.

On Monday, May 15th, 2017, the participants went to the final stage, where they had a chance to show their respective works. The winners of YouthSpark Computer Science 2016/2017 were chosen from SMPN 5 Depok, SMKN 3 Yogyakarta and SMPN 2 Banguntapan. While the best participants are Adelia and Sulis from SMAN 2 Playen, and Rendy from SMKN 5 Yogyakarta.

This is the second time YouthSpark targets students in Yogyakarta. Started out in Oct 2015, YouthSpark has equipped and trained students in Yogyakarta to creatively develop edu games apps. Using Kodu Game labs as platform, the initial 1,000 participants were trained to come up with idea and to develop it. After several screening process, 3 winners and 1 favorite with the best game were chosen. Taking the big theme “Smart City”, participants were invited to create and develop ideas on how to accelerate growth and smart city initiative in Yogyakarta. Hopefully this event can be used as a stepping stone for students to start nurturing the innovative and productive culture in order to prepare themselves for the digital competition.

This event was held in cooperation with PT Microsoft Indonesia, YCAB Foundation, DIY Government. Gajah Mada University and was supported by local partners, Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC) and Lentera Anak Bangsa Cerdas (LABC).




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