How We Sustain Our Work

Internally, YCAB Foundation generates its funding through its social enterprises:

Funding comes principally through corporate partnership. Yet internally, YCAB Foundation generates some of its funding through its social enterprises to help cover the administration expenses. This way 100% of public donation can be used directly to support program.

Over the years, YCAB has evolved into a group of social enterprise. YCAB business units, which consist of  PT. YADA Indonesia, Terrazone, Beauty Inc. and YCAB Cooperative that  runs the education linked micro-loans operation that have  been generating funds that help support YCAB Indonesia operation. The growth of YCAB business units is very encouraging. Currently, there are more than 655 staff members supporting YCAB Social Enterprise Group.

Business Units & Cooperatives


PT. YADA Indonesia
YADA Indonesia, incorporated in 2000, is the first business unit of YCAB Group. It manufactures robotic animal rides and exports its products worldwide. YADA also operates in almost a hundred malls in Indonesia, employing more than 300 people, some of whom are the graduates of YCAB Rumah Belajar (Learning Center).
Terrazone, founded in 2011, is a family entertainment outlet that operates in department stores and malls in Indonesia. Within less than two years, 34 Terrazone outlets are opened. With almost a hundred outlets across Indonesia now, Terrazone have attracted more than three million customers.
Beauty Inc.
Founded in 2007, is a beauty clinic specializing in non-invasive treatment using FDA-approved technology in radio frequency, laser, and mesotherapy. It employs the graduates of YCAB Learning Center who have learned salon and home spa skills.
YCAB Ventures (PMV YCAB)
YCAB Ventures (PMV YCAB) runs Benefit Microfinance operations, targeted towards women entrepreneurs in low income families. The program is called Benefit Microfinance because not only that it gives opportunities and access to capital for these women, but it also emphasizes that child education is a pre-requisite for these women to be qualified to receive loans at the first place. In addition, income surplus from this program is contributed back to help fund the YCAB Foundation’s education program activities. This aligns with YCAB Social Enterprise mission to provide youth empowerment and development.
FLIP was established in 2013. It is a Human Resource consultant with a unique approach, emphasizing it’s services in training and development area. FLIP’s mission is to enable organizations’ sustainability and independence in learning through brain, culture and psychological understanding. With this three ingredients, FLIP not just give a regular training, but try to optimize the participant’s potential to be able to teach other people. FLIP believes that everyone is able to teach.