How We Work

At YCAB Foundation , we develop youth independence through:

Education, Jobs, and Entrepreneurship

We believe every youth has an equal right and opportunity to receive education and to be self sustainable. We help youths to be confident and independent in making smart choices to choose a healthy lifestyle which is free from drugs and HIV/AIDS. We also provide opportunity for school drop-outs and underprivileged youths to independently chase their dreams and future through the provision of Basic Education, Digital Inclusion, and English Literacy courses. Furthermore, we also assist our graduates with vocational skills to secure employment and empower low-incomed women entrepreneurs economically through microloans. For these very purposes, we build partnerships with the local communities, businesses, and governments to develop a sustainable and functioning skilled labor market.

Our programs have the following qualities:

Independence Independence
We will inspire and facilitate youths to find and to focus on the goals they have and help them make healthy lifestyle choices. Not only that, independence means each youth we encounter in our programs will have to sustain a decent livelihood. After all, an independent and healthy youth is the essence of a nation’s progress.
Sustainable Sustainable
We believe that profitability equals sustainability, and that the existence of our for-profit centres will give us the freedom and room to create a better future for our youths. However, we believe that sustainability also means the adoption of our programs by the society or the State at large.
Enable Enable
We will provide support for youths to achieve excellence by giving education for all, positive community engagement, and economic empowerment through job placement and seed capital for entrepreneurship.
Impact Impact
We will help instill in our youths a sense of purpose and the importance of serving higher goals to add value to themselves by providing a safe hub where their hopes and passions can thrive. The impact of our work reaches beyond the lives of our youth as we inspire each one of them to be the catalyst of change itself.