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Our Programs

We HeLP youth, HoLD them for some time while educating and giving them the real HOpE in their lives.

At YCAB Foundation, the theme of education colors our three programs because we believe the power of education in changing someone’s life. We believe in its pivotal role in transforming community thus a nation. Education is good but it can mean nothing if it cannot sustain one’s livelihood. We aim only to deliver holistic youth development package where education and access to economy converge to enable true independence in a sustainable ways. Independence is the very essence of development.

Our peer-to-peer programs provide education on healthy lifestyles and life skills training in school. Youth are encouraged to engage in positive activities, and when trained are sent out as Peer Trainers to train other peers to become Peer Educators, hence creating a ‘ripple’ effect.

We offer counseling services, conducted by trained and certified counselors, on various youth issues. The purpose of counseling is to help the youth to make better decisions so they can achieve a new lifestyle attitude.

Do Something Indonesia is an online platform encouraging the youth to participate in positive change (

HoLD focuses on basic education equivalency and skills advancement courses. Youth are taught basic math, English, religion, geography and science. Our vocational courses are tailored to fit related services industries; hair and beauty, motorcycle mechanic, electronics (repair), and sewing skills.

Education is subsidised to be made affordable at IDR 10,000/month ( US$1/month) per student for all programs.

HOpE’s Program has two parts, employment and entrepreneurship. The employment part, strives to help our Rumah Belajar (HoLD) and vocational program graduates find employment through work readiness workshops, offering guidance in CV writing, interview techniques, good manners and self-esteem. In addition we provide graduates career opportunities through our job portals, connecting them to potential employers. Our entrepreneurial part provides a seed capital program that has enabled hundreds of underprivileged youth who have shown entrepreneurial skills to start their own small businesses.

HOpE’s Entrepreneurship program also provides for Mission-driven Microfinance to women micro-entrepreneurs, to assist them with their businesses. The returns received are reinvested to support the promotion of education in our learning and vocational centers.