About HeLP

Healthy Lifestyle Promotion

Healthy Lifestyle Promotion (HeLP) focuses on the education and prevention of risky behaviour especially drug abuse and HIV/AIDS which is endorsed by respective government bodies. From 1999, the program has touched more than two millions of in-school youth and grown to incorporate life skills training, life counselling, training of trainers, peer-to-peer outreach (Ripple Program) and mass campaigns. YCAB works with thousands of schools in the urban areas across the nation promoting healthy lifestyle and preventing risky behaviours. Our Y-clubs are present in almost 30 cities and townships for the youths, which work with local schools.

Our flagship Ripple Program has shown phenomenal results. The rate of youth participation in our program increases every year. Since 2008 we have steadily brought Ripple Program to almost half a million every year, covering 7-10% of in-school teen population. Not only this, Ripple Program is also successful in activating young people to care and reach out to their peers. The activation rate has been consistent over the years with a ratio of 1 to 200; it simply means that for every teen we train (as peer trainer in life skills in HIV and drug abuse prevention), they will in turn train an average of 200 peers within 3-6 months following their training. An independent research was commissioned by our corporate partner, Unilever, and the result on the impact of the second degree training (peer training) was satisfactory in terms of the retention of knowledge and positive attitude towards healthy lifestyle.

Following Unilever’s commitment in 2006, Ripple Program has been also adopted by other corporate sponsors such as Media Group (2007), Chevron (2010) with the launch of  their “I wanna live” campaign in commemoration of international AIDS day and followed by the Standard Chartered Bank in 2011.

In 2014-2016, the US State Department also came in to partner with YCAB in primary drug prevention program which is implemented in three major cities; Jakarta, Surabaya and Batam. This partnership also engaged the Youth group of Nahdatul Ulama (NU). NU young leaders are trained as trainers to deliver the prevention message and lifeskill development to the youth in their respective cities.