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Educational Learning Packages

Rumah Belajar offers a government‑endorsed ‘open school’ program that enables school dropouts to complete equivalent Junior‑High to High‑School education at an accelerated rate (e.g. Junior‑High School graduation after only 6 months) with the same education quality and course qualifications as those receiving a normal education.

There are several levels offered:

  • Package A: Elementary School level
  • Package B: Junior High School level
  • Package C: Senior High School level

These packages of study are open to the underprivileged school children in general. They are designed to help underprivileged youth to socialise and introduce street children to the discipline and values of mainstream society. We promote fun and creative activities such as our percussion band, handicrafts creation, and team building.

Some of our vocational programs are also open to young mothers and youth graduated from mainstream high schools who are looking for better livelihood.

We offer:

  • English and Information Technology basic computing skills. Courses are accredited by and the certificates are given by Indonesia’s prestigious BINUS University (Binus IT Center)
  • Hair and Beauty. Young, female drop‑out students at Rumah Belajar and graduates of Rumah Belajar looking for more skills train as salon staff and stylists under the well‑known Rudy Hadisuwarno chain. They can also learn make‑up salon skills.
  • Bag Sewing. Students are taught to make bags by fashion manufacturer Sophie Martin and the products are then sold, with the profits go to the students.
  • Printing. Participants are taught how to print letters and graphics including commercial applications such as printing T‑shirts, banners and business cards.
  • Cafe and Restaurant (CaRe) Program. This course is run under hospitality theme. It is a special work‑study program for Package C students that combines formal education with hands‑on F&B-focused learning at BINUS University and reputable restaurants.
  • Electronic Repair Training. In partnership with Samsung Electronics, together we have built 5 electronic skill center in four cities in Indonesia namely: Jakarta Cikarang, Makasar and Samarinda. This course offers four programs in hardware repair skills and household appliances such as Fridge and TV repair and Retail skills.
  • Motor Mechanical Training. This course offers basic mechanical skill to repair motor bikes. It is run in partnership with leading motor company such as Honda and Yamaha. They offer advance training and training for our trainers. Some of our graduates now work in these companies.