House of Learning and Development (HoLD) is our community learning centres (in Indonesia known as “Rumah Belajar”) for underprivileged children and school dropouts. Commencing in 2003, we offer affordable education (US$ .5-1/month) for low-income families in urban areas.

The main component of study comprises a package of Core Study (Digital Inclusion & English Literacy), Junior and High School equivalent (when needed) plus one vocational skills as the elective component of their choice. Bridging course is provided for core street kids before they move on to the main components of study.

Since 2003, HOLD has directly impacted the lives of over 15,000 underprivileged youths and school dropouts accounted for almost 30,0000 program enrollments.

In line with the MDGs, we want to ensure that all children complete their basic primary education. We focus on dropouts and out-of-school children because high school dropouts have a harder time finding work than those who completed high school. Even if high school non-completers are active in finding work, the employer demand for them remains low. Countries with youths who go on to complete their tertiary levels are those most likely to develop and maintain a highly-skilled labour force.